What are brokers? 2x2

Until recently, a private investor could only access financial markets through a bank or a securities company, but since a few years ago, thanks to the great advance of the Internet, electronic brokers appeared, which can be said to be a revolution the time to invest.

What are electronic brokers?

They are those that operate exclusively via Internet with a commission much lower than that of a traditional bank.

One of the great achievements of online brokers is that anyone with an Internet connection can invest in any global market under very competitive conditions.

What instruments are traded in the brokers?

It is possible to trade currencies, stocks, stock indices, commodities, CFDs, ETFs and much more.

The platforms that they put at our disposal are with the market in real time, having the same possibility of operating as a great market player. Among the best known we have the MT4 and the ICTS, among many others.

What kind of brokers can we find?

Brokers can be grouped into two main categories: The market makers and the ECNs. Market makers, or market makers, are brokers who provide investors with the latest generation platforms for trading. This type of brokers always act as a counterpart of all the operations that we enter.

The ECNs (Electronic Communications Network) operate through electronic networks, taking the prices published by multiple market participants, showing the best available quotes.

A big advantage of the ECNs with respect to the others, is that the differentials to trade are usually very low.


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