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The Benefits of Forex Trading

Forex stands for foreign exchange trading or currency trading. It's a global market, incredibly liquid, with an immense daily trading volume. As is the case with many investments, Forex trading is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced trader. That said, five things give trading the Forex market some unique advantages after you've learned the ropes. 

The Forex market is worldwide so trading is pretty much continuous as long as there's a market open somewhere in the world. Trading starts when the markets open in Australia on Sunday evening and ends after markets close in New York on Friday.

02  There's High Liquidity

Liquidity is the ability of an asset to be converted into cash quickly and without any price discount. In Forex, this means we can move large amounts of money into and out of foreign currency with minimal price movement.

03  Transaction Costs Are Low

The cost of a transaction is typically built into the price in Forex. It's called the spread. The sp…

What are the advantages of Forex online trading?

You are in charge! By living from trading you decide where you want to live, how much and when you want to work. The word “unemployment” will no longer scare you. And when they ask you what you do for a living, you can answer with that famous phrase from the movie Nine Weeks: I buy and sell money. Economic crises, recessions will no longer worry you! Why? Because during crises the prices of financial products are constantly moving in one direction. It’s called a trend. While the investor in general is interested in upward trends, Forex traders do not care in which direction the trend goes, they can make money in any of the cases. Take the year 2008 as an example. The prices of real estate go down. The currency of your country loses value. Even so, the price of oil continues to rise steadily. This last fact, very probably will not have caught your attention if you are a person who does not follow the markets. However if you are an online trader, you will notice these three trends and …


The man who broke the Bank of England Schwartz György was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. In 1936 his birth name changed from Schwartz to Soros as part of the plan drawn up by Soros’ father, Tivadar Soros, for the concealment of their identities in the face of the extermination of Hungarian Jews by Nazi Germany. Soros emigrated to Switzerland in 1946 escaping the Soviet occupation, in 1947 emigrated to England. I work in different trades at the same time I studied at the School of Economics and Political Science in London. He graduated in Philosophy in 1952.
His financial career began in 1954 working as an employee for the London business bank, Singer & Friedlander.

In 1969, after working in different financial companies, he founded the Soros Fund Management company dedicated to the management of hedge funds. The firm has generated more than 40 billion dollars in profits since it was created.

In 1973 he founded the Quantum Fund, currently managed by his children, it is co…

Mexican peso registers perfect week under optimism towards NAFTA KEY POINTS USD / MXN:

• Peso maintains gains in all sessions of the week against the United States Dollar
• Optimism of possible agreement during the following month regarding NAFTA as the main catalyst
• USD / MXN in support level of importance

Under a week of total domination by the Mexican peso, the MXN is preparing to close the week with 5 of 5 days of operations advancing against its North American counterpart.

As one of the main driving factors is operating, there is an optimism on the part of the investors to a latent possibility regarding an agreement to the NAFTA, which has been under negotiation for several months.

Specifically, comments by official commanders on both sides suggest that there is a high probability that this agreement will arrive soon, the last of these being the United States Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, who mentioned last Wednesday that probably during an agreement will be reached next month.

From a technical perspective, although we commented previously that the retreat o…

What are brokers? 2x2

Until recently, a private investor could only access financial markets through a bank or a securities company, but since a few years ago, thanks to the great advance of the Internet, electronic brokers appeared, which can be said to be a revolution the time to invest.

What are electronic brokers?

They are those that operate exclusively via Internet with a commission much lower than that of a traditional bank.

One of the great achievements of online brokers is that anyone with an Internet connection can invest in any global market under very competitive conditions.

What instruments are traded in the brokers?

It is possible to trade currencies, stocks, stock indices, commodities, CFDs, ETFs and much more.

The platforms that they put at our disposal are with the market in real time, having the same possibility of operating as a great market player. Among the best known we have the MT4 and the ICTS, among many others.

What kind of brokers can we find?

Brokers can be grouped into two main categori…

Monedero virtual que es y como funciona ?

Dinero presenta una guía práctica para enseñarle a hacer pagos a través del celular.

¿Qué haría si después de viajar en taxi por más de media hora descubre que olvidó sacar dinero de su cuenta de ahorros, no tiene efectivo para pagarle al conductor y, para completar la mala suerte, no hay nadie que pueda hacerle un préstamo cuando llegue a su destino? 

La respuesta podría estar en su celular. Desde marzo pasado, el país entró en la onda del servicio de 'monederos virtuales', en el cual pueden realizarse transferencias de pequeños montos de dinero entre teléfonos móviles, sin que el receptor tenga cuenta de ahorros en alguna corporación financiera. 

"El usuario tiene que registrarse en el servicio de monedero virtual, totalmente gratis y desde las opciones de la tarjeta SIM de su celular. Solo con eso, sin necesidad de firmar papeles con la institución, el dispositivo queda habilitado para realizar transacciones, como almacenar dinero o pagar servicios públicos", comenta…

The consultancy firm hires hundreds of MBAs

The consultancy firm hires hundreds of MBAs each year and values their cross-cultural communication skills, global networks, and adaptability.

Each year, Bain & Company, an elite management consultancy firm, hires hundreds of MBAs who make a tangible impact on their business.

MBAs stand out as they typically have several years’ experience in a range of business contexts via the case studies and consultancy projects they conduct during their business school program. Their experience working on current, real-world business challenges means they come with an ability to juggle competing priorities, and relevant problem-solving skills. 

Cross-cultural collaboration
Another reason Bain values MBA graduates: “They’ve worked in multicultural teams intensively, and often have travelled abroad for internships and research,” says Keith Bevans, global head of the firm’s consulting recruiting. MBA cohorts are generally very diverse, in terms of nationality, gender, race, and professional backgr…